Get Professional Pickleball Court Installation in Rumson, Chatham & Freehold, NJ

Get Professional Pickleball Court Installation in Rumson, Chatham & Freehold, NJ

Let our specialists install your perfect pickleball court

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America. The pastime that started in 1965 is now available for all with our pickleball court construction service in Freehold & Rumson, NJ. This newest court game plays by its own rules and Shaughnessy Sports Construction, LLC knows what you'll need to get started.

A pickleball court installation comes with many options to consider. Our team will walk you through each one, including:

  • Lighting options
  • Fencing styles
  • Spacing options
  • Floor materials and cushioning
  • Drainage options
  • Custom colors

What you decide for any of these factors can change your playing experience dramatically. Rest assured that when you hire Shaughnessy Sports Construction, your project will be completed to your specification. We offer a speedy, professional and cost-effective pickleball court construction service backed by years of installation experience.

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Make your pickleball court one you'll love

A pickleball court installation can involve more than just the court itself. If your needs include added amenities to enhance the gaming experience, Shaughnessy Sports Construction is here to help. Our pickleball court construction service can include the benches, gear storage and other extras you may need.

To discover what our Freehold & Rumson, NJ team can do for you, talk to us today about a consultation.

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