Perfect Your Game On The Best Court

Perfect Your Game On The Best Court

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When you play hard, you need a surface that can take it. For the durability you demand, Shaughnessy Sports Construction, LLC is proud to offer Har-Tru clay courts in Freehold & Rumson, NJ and throughout New Jersey. Har-Tru makes the world's leading clay court surfaces. The clay is exceptionally hard and angular, so its shape allows the stone particles to lock together and create a stable playing court.

Har-Tru clay courts are an industry standard, and our specialists have years of experience working with the material. We've performed installations for many clients and also provide Har-Tru tennis court maintenance services to keep your court in good condition year-round. We can handle spring openings, fall closings, weekly or bi-weekly maintenance.

If you're serious about your game, contact us about installing Har-Tru clay courts anywhere in the Freehold & Rumson, NJ or New Jersey area.

Comfort and durability in one

Your ideal tennis court will not only last, but it will also offer a comfort that makes every game more fun. Har-Tru green clay courts offers both, and our team can assure you that it will be installed with the high-quality craftsmanship Shaughnessy Sports Construction is known for. We are known for the total package from the court surface to all of the accessories.

In addition to providing a durable surface, Har-Tru green clay courts also:

  • Dry quickly. You can play soon after severe rain or during light rain.
  • Provide cool playing. The surface is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than hard courts.
  • Never crack. Har-Tru tennis court maintenance is simple and affordable.
  • Reduce injury. The clay provides better shock absorption compared to hard courts.

For Har-Tru tennis court maintenance and installation in New Jersey, call us today at our Freehold & Rumson, NJ office at 732-526-4493.


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